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July 17, 2012
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It's the Enterprise by thefirstfleet It's the Enterprise by thefirstfleet
- So here it is. - Noah thought - The moment we all knew would come.
He turned toward the helm console.
- Mr. Lai, plot an attack course. And don't bother to plan any defensive vectors. We'll take this thing with us!
Heimann looked at her screen and her eyes widened in shock.
- Sir, there's another starship coming in. - she cried - It's the Enterprise!
The Galaxy class starship dwarfed the Polaris as it whooshed by, preparing to make a stand. Atop the massive form, inside the protective bubble of the main bridge, Captain Picard squinted his eyes. He was trying hard to keep the voices away from his mind... calling him... welcoming him back... It was a game of life and death, unlike the skirmish over Veridian two years ago. It wasn't just a lone Bird of Prey the Enterprise crushed even with shields down and critical systems damaged. No, this was where the fate of Humankind shall be decided...

Okay, folks, this is how it happened in the Polarisverse. I took the liberty to correct the idiocy of an outdated BoP killing off the Enterprise-D. Also, I think this battle did not involve time travel. Let's keep Zefram Cochrane an idealistic scientist, not a Gene Roddenberry caricature, shall we? By the way, presending my Version 3 Borg Cube, built with design help from D. M. Phoenix.

All models by me
Photon torpedo effect by Prologic9
Phaser effect by :iconoverseer:
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Honestly, I don't see any significant difference between Galaxy class and Sovereign class - other than quantum torpedoes. Maybe I'm simply biased towards Enterprise D, because it is a ship I grown up with, but I simply prefer Galaxy class and that's why I like this idea. :) And after all
Enterprise D hold his own against Borg cube, first two times around and battle of sector 001 was won not by one ship, but  by entire armada, so I don't see why this scenario couldn't happen? And yes, BoP destroying NCC 1701 D was one of the finest examples of plot induced stupidity.

As for
Zefram Cochrane... I like how he was portrayed in FC - one of few things I like about this movie. Well, other than that music was great but entire idea of Borg Queen is nothing more than ridiculous retcon.
I didn't like Cochrane's portrayal here. Just read the novel Federation. There we have a badass rogue freedom fighter-ish Cochrane who believes in ideas, not material wealth. Okay, the whole era was presented as much more terryfying, with a global dictatorship that would make our friend Adolf the nicest person in the world...
Then I think that we should agree to disagree. :)

 You see I like "First contact" Cochrane because he is an excellent metaphor for humankind in this time period; when humans began to change their mentality, from materialistic and capitalistic, to more idealistic and more open minded and optimistic. Cochran's character arc proven that people indeed can change for the better! And is this not entire point of "Star Trek"? This same can be said about name of first warp ship: Phoenix - obvious metaphor for humanity rising from the ashes. :) This is a good thing! Also this movie, quite well showed us that our knowledge about history can be not as objective as we think it is - there always can be some bias, when it comes to historical figures. That was certainly an interesting theme.

As for novels - I never bother with them, since there are non-canon, but if you prefer Cochrane described in some book then more power to you I guess, I just don't agree with your opinion.
The problem is that the writers deliberately made the movie Cochrane into a parody of Roddenberry. It is known that Roddenberry was actually a sleazy moneybag who never cared about Trek's essence but about how much money it makes.

As for canon, I stopped caring about it due to abominations like Generations, the Borg Queen, Abrams...
I always thought that ST:8 would have been better if they had kept the Ent - D.
Agreed. The Galaxy has much more potential than the Sovereign.
Not only the Galaxys potential, but it would have had a much higher emotional impact to see corridors of the -D being borgified instead of a ship we didn't know or care at all.
Also i just hate they changed the style fomr being majestic, powerful and flowing lines to a streched and unoriginal design like the Sovereign.
But that's just my opinion. For me the big -D never died at that miserable planet.
Patriot1776 Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The Borg think Locutus has returned for them to take home, but Picard is determined to make them realize one way or another that 'I am Locutus, deliverer of THE JUDGEMENT and THE END to the Borg!!'
Man, this is badass!
jmralls2001 Dec 12, 2013   General Artist
That's very cool!
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