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November 15, 2012
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A monument to all our sins by thefirstfleet A monument to all our sins by thefirstfleet
Okay, now we're threading on shaky ground, but why not? Let me give you my recipe on how JJ Trek should have been made:

The beginning: In the far future, Romulan navy veteran Nierruwh (his name should be spelled like this) witnesses his homeworld being destroyed. Behind the tragedy is the Federation's negligence, or even malignance, in letting the Hobus supernova grow out of control and not doing anything to pervent the impending disaster. Nierruwh, one of the few survivors of the RSN (he's not a miner. How could a miner get a dreadnought and could conduct such elaborate strategies?), blames Ambassador Spock, a kindred soul, now a mortal enemy of his. In the wake of Hobus' wormhole solution, both Spock's ship and Nierruwh's IRW Narada (Why a Scimitar? Because 1, we know it as the pinaccle of Romulan tech 2, we are familiar with it 3, it makes much more sense than an upside-down Christmas tree) get sucked in the wormhole. The Narada arrives to the past to meet the USS Kelvin NCC-514 (no zero at the front of the registry number and looking like a proper TOS ship). The doomed crew of the Klevin look with terror upon the monster their Federation has created: a monument to their sins...

Models by me
Sun stock by :icona-j-s:
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Keiichi-K1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
What saddens me is that so many people think that simply by changing it back to the Prime Universe will all of a sudden make the movies so much better.  If you ask me, it will actually make them WORSE, because the failings of story and direction will shine through even more.  At which point, the argument would be more along the lines of "how dare you make Star Trek fun", which is just as asinine.

People just hate new things,... which is the very antithesis of what it means to be a Star Trek fan.
thefirstfleet Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I disagree. If you watch some fan productions set in the Prime Universe, they outshine everything made by Abrams. Of course, they need a good story first, without large plot holes and senseless visual orgy just for the sake of it. They have gone into great lengths of adapting TOS to the modern world, and most of them have succeeded. Phase II, Continues, Farragut, just to name a few... all better than the JJverse.
Keiichi-K1 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
The issue isn't if they are "better productions" or not, because any TV based Star Trek production will outshine even the best theatrical release of this decade's film generation anyway.  There are different demands made upon the film industry than there are for television, that hamper much of what makes Star Trek "Star Trek"
A theatrical release must GUARANTEE box office draw, or a studio will not make it.  And before you say "better off not to do it at all", you cannot deny the positive impacts of the films.  Star Trek (2009) has introduced a whole new generation to Star Trek, and as a result, millions of people have gone back and given TOS a try and found themselves intrigued, so they watch the TOS movies, TNG and so forth, finding themselves becoming as devoted a Trekkie as the rest of us.

While productions like Phase II, Farragut, Continues, Renegades and Axanar are great (even incredible), there is no outlet for them to get into mainstream.  They currently appeal to only a niche audience, because only current Trek fans are aware of it.  They expand the franchise, but they do not expand the fanbase.  Star Trek NEEDS something big in the mainstream, as a hook to bring in new fans.  And, the films (even the earlier films) are nothing more than appetizer, to lead people toward the main course, that is Star Trek on television.

To those who say the movies aren't "True Star Trek", that is because they aren't supposed to be, nor CAN they be.  The film industry, as it stands today, simply cannot make Star Trek in the proper manner.  The Michael Bay era of big-effects filmmaking will simply not allow it.  But, without a big budget blockbuster film, there is no way to build the fanbase, which had stagnated badly by 2008.  Now, I would love more than anything to see the Star Trek film we all want to see, and that may eventually happen one day,... but until Star Trek returns to its commercial popularity that it had reached in 1991, Paramount would never green-light it.  They would never take the risk on a film that doesn't appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Think about this objectively.  Were there enough Star Trek fans in 2008 to bring enough box-office draw to offset the cost of a big budget feature film that was "true Star Trek"?  Because you know such a film would not draw beyond its target audience.  In television, you can do that.  In theatrical release, you cannot.

As soon as the fanbase rebuilds and the franchise regains its former momentum, we can return to non-LCD (lowest common denominator) productions.  Hell, I'm anticipating Axanar could be the vanguard of that.

Even so.... hate is NOT the way to go.  It is NEVER the way Trekkies should behave.
johnnyharadrim Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
Well, you can say the Romulan Star Empire conscripts troops- all able bodied Romulans must go through military service('Service guarantees Citizenship!') and can be called up in times of war. So Nero and his crew will have had military training and/or combat experience. Nero himself, judging by his tactics, is an RSN veteran. But cashiered out of service for injury/contract expired etc etc. So many reasons.

So he just happens to be on the other side of the Galaxy on mining operations when Romulus is blown to hell. He has this massive mining vessel (don't diss mining vessels, they're incredibly hard to destroy things because they have to function in the harshest environments, and probably because they're Romulans, would be heavily armed  and armoredanyway. Refitted with RSN weaponry, they would have outclassed anything in TOS), it can take a lot of hits, it has a planetary core drill which makes it easier to deliver red matter directly to a planet's core(!)
Modern day super tankers are bigger and heavier than even the largest naval vessels. They have double hulls, which makes them that much harder to sink than even a warship (seriously).
But yeah, the Narada does things that would put a TOS warship to shame.
thefirstfleet Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
Hmm, it makes much more sense now...
johnnyharadrim Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Just saying, in a warrior culture like the Romulans, even the tea lady has military training and experience, what more a bunch of roughnecks operating in the deep wilderness of space where anything can happen. With a ship designed to crack open planetoids.
Scattergunsniper Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
Some one remind me why the movie didn't do this again...cause this is freaking amazing
thefirstfleet Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
Thank you :D
Dreamer-Out-There Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I loled quite hard at the Xmas tree comment!!
thefirstfleet Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
LOL Thank you :D
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